About Us

DKPi is an engineering consultancy practice providing clients economic, environmental and technical design expertise on projects from master planning to final detail design, covering energy and utility manufacturing & production,  infrastructure and building services.

DKPi are committed to provide clients information and advise based on national and international experience of over 30 years covering projects ranging from single units to towns / cities. 
Working in ever changing economic conditions, we have provided a diverse range of professional services in all areas covering  commercial, industrial, residential, educational, recreational, medical, petrol/chemical and pharmaceutical projects.

Our main offices are in London UK., Dalian Rep of China and Dublin Rep. of Ireland where we employ highly trained staff.  Using additional satellite offices, geographically well positioned, enables us to deliver hands on efficiency.

DKP international are currently working in U.K, Rep of Ireland, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, China, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Russia, India & Pakistan.


We apply a staged project philosophy to each project.

1 - Ideology : We explore the possibilities to provide fully sustainable projects independent from energy or utility supply grids.

2 - Technical : We apply the technical boundaries to materials and installations to provide the ideology for sustainability.

3 - Financial : We detail the economic effects of applied ideology and technology to provide a financial feasible solution.

Technically we can achieve a fully sustainable project completely independent from supply grids however this is in most situations not financially feasible.   We therefore provide such information that clients can make informed decisions on their project philosophy be it its environmental, technical or financial feasibility.